Product Design

SUSDESIGN specializes in designing and developing bespoke sustainable product solutions geared towards more sustainable production and consumption, utilizing a design process based on eco-design strategies and circular product development approaches.

Interior Design

We work hard for our clients, and with our clients, to develop the best sustainable interior design solutions that fit their visions of their venues. A comparative LCA report is also provided upon request.


Our expert team helps clients with their projects in terms of increasing their eco-values and managing their carbon footprints with a circular approach that accounts for the whole life cycle of their projects - from prototyping to end-of-life.


With a strong creative, culture, and social vocation, SUSDESIGN provides educational activities (workshops, seminars, and studio training) that address the domain of ‘sustainability’ in both theory and practice, in line with the state-of-the-art of the sustainable design academia.